When life outside is frightful.
And nothing is insightful,
What to do you don’t know?
Let  it go, let it go, let it go!

You have finally reached the spot,
When you’ve given all you’ve got…
And you’re feeling so way down low…
Let it go, let it go, let it go!

Your loved ones say you’re crazy,
Delusional and lazy…
Even though it hurts you so,
Let it go, let it go, let it go!

I will have to stay in my room,
And try not to be so gloom,
This is the only way that l know……
To let it go, let it go, let it go!

I have asked to be forgiven,
I apologize for livin’,
Sorry you hate me so,
Let it go, let it go, let it go!

Happy Holidays!


Nov 25, 2014



    Painting by:
    Gale Hendrickson

Snow on the roof tops
    Frost is in the air,
But we’re going to
So we don’t care!!!

Let the wind blow,
     Let our noses sting!
We are going to                  
That’s what we’d all sing!

We kids knew that
      When we walked in,
We’d be greated
      With hugs and
GRANDMA’S warm grin.

How we looked forward
    To Thanksgiving Day,
When we’d go to    
    GRANDMA’S and with Our cousins would play!!

As kids we never thought 
      of the many hours,
GRANDMA spent in the
       kitchen with her infinite powers!

The wonderful aromas we
    Smelled at the door,
Pumpkin pies baking,
     And so much more!!!
There was Tom Turkey 
    With stuffing, and Candied yams,
    Greenbeans with corn   And a Honey Ham.
     Mashed potatoes with Gravy, butter and rolls.
    All cooked by GRANDMA,
   God Bless her sweet Soul!

If You could just give me a
God that would be all
  I’d ever ask!

Just one more day of fun
    And play,
With my dear loved ones
    Who have passed away.

ONE last time to hold
     Them near
And to hear them say,
   “l Love You Dear.”

November 4, 2014
Sandra Hayslip-Homer




Autumn resembles life in its Golden years.
To some it brings sadness and to others just tears.
For some of these people are not quite done,
Enjoying the sunshine and warm summer fun.

Autumn leaves silently drift to the ground,
In bright oranges and reds, yellows and browns.
Tis such a wonderous sight to behold,
Watching this season slowly unfold.

I know there are people who look to Autumn with dread.
Knowing Old Man Winter looms directly ahead.
I look at Autumn as the season of GOLD.
I embrace my Winter, for l know I Am old!

OCTOBER 25, 2014
Sandy Hayslip-Homer

Ebola, A Nurse’s Perspective

This is a long read but a wealth of information. I truly believe this country wiil have morpe Ebola out break than they are prepared to handle.


So a few months ago the country was enthralled with the idea of a few patients, infected with the Ebola virus, coming to the United States. Up until this point, we had been safe from Ebola due to the fact that bats can’t fly over the Atlantic. Some people were completely indifferent, while others had seen Outbreak one too many times. Most were a healthy mix, somewhere in between, but what bothered me the most was both the lack of education and the poor information that was spreading more virulently than the virus could ever hope to.

First, I want to stress that I am a nurse, not a virologist, and hopefully throughout my post you will see that I am not pretending to be one. I have a Bachelor’s in Nursing and am currently a graduate student. I have worked extensively with Infectious Disease Specialists. I have been exposed…

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Two raccoons sitting high in a shed,
One looks over and shakes his head,
“No locks on the doors, no
glass in the panes,
l think it’ll keep us
dry from the rains.”

“Let’s look around and find what we can,
Go thru the garbage that was left by man.
You forage here, l’ll search over there.
I’m sure we’ll come up with pretty good fare!”

The shed was abandoned,                   the people were gone,
The raccoons moved in and made it their home!

October 7, 2014
Sandy Hayslip-Homer



Photograph by Tina Homer

What a BEAUTIFUL picture on a sunny day,
When Daddy and Daughter went out to play.

I can just feel the spark in her eye,
When Daughter sqeals,
“Daddy throw me high!”

Daughter knows she has NOTHING to fear,
As long as her Daddy’s hands are near.

She trusts him to throw as high as he can,
She KNOWS she’ll be caught,
In her Daddy’s strong hands!

That is EXACTLY how l feel,
I know in my heart that Heaven is real.
I know when l’ve done all that l can,
l will safely be caught in MY Daddy’s hands!

Inspired by this photo
October 6, 2014
Sandy Hayslip-Homer



I saw this the other day on Facebook and l thought how very sad. My boys were still part of the generation that played outside. They would ride their bicycles to a berg about 4  miles away and play ball, climb trees or build forts with friends. The only time they came into the house was to eat or drink and that’s it.  We could hear them outside planning what to do next or how they were going to build the next project or at whose house they were going to next.  It was great!  They were healthy, sun tanned and strong!

My grandkids, nieces and nephews do not know what to do if you tell them to go out to play. They say, “What is there to do?”  “It’s too hot….it’s too cold….too many bugs and a plethora of reasons why not to go outdoors.  They don’t even want to sit down and read a book or tell stories. Jump rope, play tag or freeze tag…..what is that???  All they want is movies, music or video games.  They cannot hold an interacting conversation for more than  two minutes. They are unhealthy, overweight children growing into  unmotivated, unhealthy adults. 

How are we as Americans going to support these dependent beings?  It has been proven in the last few years that there is not enough working people or taxes to carry the load! 

Is it possible to go backwards with technology? Take away the video games, take away the robotics in the work place, take away the web paying so hackers can’t steal your identity or your money.  Take a step away from technology and make sure that one piece of new technology is going to do the job , get it perfected before another piece of technical device is introduced.  I have never in my life seen so many recalls on products from food to automobiles!!!!  I don’t think technology is working for us…..it is ruining our work place, it is ruining our finances, it is ruining our younger generation!

I am tired of the ratrace of trying to keep up with the latest gadget, of watching people campout for days for the new tech toy! I am sure this a total conundrum for the experts. Wish someone could stepup and truly find a way out of the spiral technological Continue reading


Lying here in bed listening to Good Morning America…..when the Dallas Texas Ebola story came up.  Apparently this guy presented to the ER sick seaking help on Friday,  well they señt him HOME!!!  Two days later he retuns worse – Then they put him in isolation and ran tests and confirmed it was in fact Ebola. 

Now think about this – how many people realistically could have been infected by this symptomatic patient?  Don’t think this guy just went home and didn’t stop at a local Walmart or grocery or some diner to get a bowl of chicken soup.  DUH!!!! 

Did you hear they have now isolated all first hand responders to this patient?  But what about all the patients who were in the ER waiting side-by-side with him?

Did you know the death toll has now surpassed 3000?  Did you hear they have a case in Switzerland?  Not a whole lot of the statistics are being reported, they have stopped reporting.

And last, but not least, our American soldiers just landed in Africa to help fight this Ebola epidemic.  Did you know they are building hospitals for Ebola patients?  They are building 25 bed hospitals just for the Healthcare Workers.  I find this disturbing as no one knows about isolation and contamination like heakthcare workers.  What kind of a chance will our soldiers have who have been trained for combat with guns, tanks and grenades????  Not masks, gloves and hypodermics!!!

Mybadvice to ANYBODY who reads  get your heart right with God.  I think we are actually fighting a losing battle.  😦
One last statistic the United Medical Commission predicts the Ebola virus will peak mid-January with a total of 1.5 million infected…..

Yes, l am mad as hell!!!!!!


I honestly do not know where to start!!!  I guess l will start with the media and how much/or how little they want us to know!!!

What about the Secret Service Men protecting/or actually not protecting the first family???  A service man suffering from PTS jumped the White House fence, ran unobstructed ovrr 100 yards onto the porch into the unlocked front door.  He ran through the foyer up the east stairway, overtook a female Secret Service worker up to the Green Room Area which is the First Family’s residential area.  NOW it comes out that there was a shooter that shot rounds at the White House in 2011 where 7 bullets hit the White House and one bullet actually penetrated the bullet proof window in the residential area.  Secret Service heard the shots, but credited them to construction equipment backfiring. Grandma and the youngest first daughter were at home at the time. The shooting was not discovered until 4 days later by housekeeping. How much are we paying these clowns to protect our president, that l don’t know who voted into office!!!

What about WalMart blaming Tracy Morgan for his own injuries?  I knew the multi-billion dollar giant would try to get out of paying for this deadly crash!  They knew their driver was fatigued and had been without sleep for 24 hours, but they, push, push, push their employees to keep going!!  I hope Tracy Morgan comes out the victor in this lawsuit!

What about people still saying Tony Stewart deliberately ran over Kevin Ward after being cleared by a Grand Jury?  A driver should never jump out of their crashed race car until the safety personnel gets to the scene to secure the safety of the driver. Kevin Ward jumped out and ran into the oncoming race cars, barely missing getting hit by other racers. Stewart hit him with his back wheel, he did not drive into him, Kevin, like a deer, ran into the car. Stewart will have to carry this “accident” forever with him.

What about the new Ebola patient who has surfaced in a Dallas, Texas hospital?  The patient has  been in strict isolation for 4 days, but with the patient’s symptoms and recent travels, this has caused high concerns.  I’m telling you, l think our president is nuts for sending 3000 of our soldiers into a raging epidemic area to build hospitals to get this Ebola under control – will it work?  Well everything

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